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        How to teach and not to bore?

How to relay difficult knowledge in a "fun and easy way"?

How to encourage visitors to get back for another lesson and take their friends with them?

The idea of  Thursday Dinners at Diabetics which was born out at “Diabetes and Health” editorial office, the magazine published by the branch office of Polish Diabetes Association in Bialystok, gave answer to those questions.

It has occurred that about the most important things concerning serious illness it can be discussed with an atmosphere of fun, relaxation, enjoying great food and what’s significant, gained knowledge lasts a long time in memory.


Originally and with old traditional polish taste
– hetman John Klemens Branicki welcomes all guests who have come
to Thursday Dinners at Diabetics.
He is lord of Bialystok, brother
of the Polish King Stanislaus Poniatowski, king whose idea
of “mindful dining” was our inspiration.
The role is played by Adam Zieleniecki, popular actor.